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My ChurchLife //Frequently Asked Questions

ChurchLife App

Get the My ChurchLife phone app.  Click logo above for details.

What is myChurchLife?

myChurchLife is an exciting and new way to register for events, check church calendars, find groups to join and update your contact information all online twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You will be able to give online using electronic checks, monitor your giving account and obtain year end giving statements.

How do I access myChurchLife?

myChurchLife is an internet based system that uses a secure logon and password for access. If you have registered for an event online already and have a logon and password, you can login by clicking here.

How do I get a logon and a password?

It’s easy. Just click here  then click on the next link to “Need a login” and enter your email address and first and last name.  myChurchLife will first verify that you are in the church data base and then send you an email with a username and a startup password. Use the username and password to log in and create a permanent password; you may find it easier to copy and paste the password from the email. You must enter the login and password EXACTLY as it appeared in the email. Once you have a login you can use myChurchLife at any time day or night.

If you encounter problems, we may not have your correct email in the church database, so please email us at to update your email address so that you can log in.

How does myChurchLife protect my security?

Users must sign in with a valid logon and password. When signing in for the first time, you must enter first name, last name and email address. This information must match your information in the church database. The member is then sent an email with their logon id and unique password. This keeps people from being able to sign in as someone else because the email goes to the member in the database not the person attempting to sign in.

All transactions on myChurchLife are encrypted between the users and myChurchLife. Firewalls and intrusion detection software block unauthorized access.

I am not a member but have registered for events in the past and I’ve forgotten my password and/or user name. How do I login?

There are a couple of ways. One is to click Forgot your password or user name  on the login screen.

The second way is to email us at to update your email address so that you can log in. Or, if you prefer, you may call the church office at (770) 867-4594.

Who can see information on myChurchLife?

Only the registered user has access to their information and it requires a login and password for access.  Secondly, you can control what directory information is displayed to members in myChurchLife.  Under your “Account Settings”, you can adjust your “Personal Preferences” for Family and/or Individual information.

What if I lose or forget my password?

That’s not an uncommon thing to happen. Click Forgot your password or user name  on the login screen.

Can I reset my password?

Certainly. Once you have logged in, go to “My Personal Preferences” page and choose “Change My Password”. Password changes are immediate.

What if I have more questions about myChurchLife?

You can email Chris Hurd at If you prefer, you may call the church office at (770) 867-4594.

Now that I am logged in how can I find the events or classes I can register for?

You can find available events and classes by clicking on Available Registrations on the Home screen.

How to make a Gift to Winder First UMC

There are a variety of ways to make a gift to Winder First United Methodist. In addition to leaving your gift in a labeled envelope in the offering plate during the service, you can bring or mail a check to the Church Office or give online.

Why Should I Give Online?

It's a personal preference, but here are a few of the benefits we frequently hear:

Online giving is a convenient tool for folks who call Winder First UMC home. If you are more comfortable giving on Sunday, don't worry, we just want to give you another option.

Click Here for access to Online Giving