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January 2018

“Don’t just go to church…be the church.”.

Missions Communion Focus for January

   This month’s Communion offering focus is Gideons International which is an evangelical Christian association founded in 1899 in Wisconsin. The Gideons' primary activity is distributing copies of the Bible free of charge. This Bible distribution is a global enterprise taking place in 200 countries, territories and possessions. The association's members focus on distributing complete Bibles, New Testaments, or portions thereof. These copies are printed in over 100 languages. The association is most widely known for its Bibles placed in hotel and motel rooms. The Gideons also distribute to hospitals and other medical offices, schools and colleges as well as jails and prisons. The association takes its name from the Biblical figure Gideon depicted in Judges 6.

   On Sunday, January 7th, someone from Gideons International will be speaking at all of our worship services for a few minutes with more information about their association. All offering left on the altar rail during Communion that Sunday will go to help the Gideons with their mission efforts.

2018 - Mission Committee Meeting

   2018 is here and the Missions Committee is looking forward to a new year of service opportunities in our community and world. Our first meeting will be Sunday, January 21st at 12:15 p.m. in the Small Dining Room of the

Fellowship Hall. Anyone interested in serving on this committee is VERY WELCOME to join us. Please bring your own lunch, drink and dessert will be provided.

   As followers of Christ, we are all called to serve and give in some capacity; and we ask you to please be thinking of ideas and projects in which you would like to see our church get involved…not just Committee members, but everyone! See you on the 21st!                                                ~Ellen Petree & Jan David, Mission Committee Co-Chairs

Opportunities to Serve