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Grief Group:  No one goes through life without experiencing the pain of loss.  Many situations can cause us to hurt; loosing a job, divorce, a death of a person we love, or health issues that steal ability.  If you have experienced hurt/disappointment in your life please join us as we discover how to identify the symptoms of grief and journey towards recovery.  

For more information contact the church at 770-867-4594 or contact our grief counselor,  Jannie Jennings, 770-307-6602.

Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one confidential ministry focused on listening, caring and providing support during life’s challenges.  When you need someone who is objective, a Stephen Minister can be a third party who will listen without judgment toward you, your situation or others involved, You will meet with your Stephen Minister once a week for one hour.

Stephen Ministers offer healing, hope and help and can be used for situations such as:

 Divorce  Loneliness  Spiritual Issues  Empty Nest Adjustment  New Baby

 Grieving  Illness  Care Giving   Forgiveness Issues   

 Loss of Pregnancy   Communion available upon request

For more information contact Dwight Oakes 770-867-4594 ext. 12.

When people become sick or disabled they often are unable to attend church.  Through our Homebound Ministry we try to match sponsors to homebound members.  Volunteers (sponsors) serve as the lifeline between homebound members and the church.  In addition to the people who volunteer as sponsors, communion stewards visit the homebound on the first Sunday of each month to serve communion.

 The Food Ministry is set up to provide church members with a meal for the family members before or after a funeral.  This meal can be provided on-site at the church or delivered to a home if located within 15 miles of the church.

 If the funeral falls at a time when a meal is not needed or the family wants to gather with friends at the church instead of a family meal, the Food Committee will provide refreshments only (example: cookies/ beverage) on-site. Contact the church office for more information, 770-867-4594.  

Care Ministries...Mending Hearts Through Healing, Hope and Love